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Divorce Assistance

Divorce Cases can be painful. Our New Iberia Divorce Lawyers can help

There’s a lot of pain that people can show up here with, and our goal at HMG is to help them through this period of time to guide them through the legal process. As a divorce lawyer, we strive to get the result that they deserve.

Providing Support in a Divorce Case

One of the most difficult parts of my practice is when someone comes in my office and says, “I don’t want to be married anymore.” Or they say, “My husband tells me he doesn’t want me living with him anymore.” You’re looking across from a person who’s broken and needs help, not just legal help, but support. So, I think it’s important that we be able to provide that to them.

There’s a lot of anger involved in a divorce case. Part of my job is being part-therapist and part-financial advisor as we look at all aspects of what’s going on in somebody’s life. I can’t imagine anything that’s more difficult than battling over custody. That very emotional situation requires a lot of extra care to help people through. Sometimes, you have to just listen. Sometimes, you have to tell them that their anger is not going to get them very far, and it’s not going to get them the result that they need.

As an attorney working as a divorce lawyer, you have to be able to work with your clients to be able to get the result they need and the result that’s fair. In the end, it’s about the children.