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Criminal Defense

Elite OWI & DWI laywers located in New Iberia and New Orleans, Louisiana

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At Haik, Minvielle, Grubbs & D’Albor we have extensive experience handling criminal matters.

From simple traffic stops, to DWI and OWI, we know it all and have represented clients through trial and appeal. We do our best to make sure you understand your situation and the options available to you. We present you with an honest assessment of your case, explain it simply, and prepare to defend you.

In any instance of criminal defense, the defendant requires the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney whether they are innocent or guilty. For example, when the punishment sought is excessive, when the defendant is overcharged, or when the defendant is truly innocent, the assistance of a criminal defense attorney is absolutely vital to help you receive fair treatment in court.

We work hard to see that your bond is reasonable and work with several bail bondsmen to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. Our attorneys work hard to protect your rights at all stages of the prosecution. We will be by your side to advise and guide you to make the ordeal as uncomplicated and painless as possible.

Our reputation with the District Attorney’s office is that we are diligent and work hard for our clients. Our local reputation is something we are proud of, and we protect it with our service. Hopefully, you will not need these types of services, but if you do, give yourself the best shot at an acquittal by contacting the law office of Haik, Minvielle & Grubbs & D'Albor. Our central location allows us to serve the entire State of Louisiana, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.


If you have received a DWI, DUI, or OWI, you need to see an attorney as soon as possible, because the attorney needs to gather important facts from you. You need to bring a copy of the ticket that you received and any other paperwork the police may have given you. Administratively, they are going to give you a sheet of paper which is a temporary license that you can use to drive for 30 days but you have 15 days to request an administrative hearing through The Department of Administrative Law through the State of Louisiana. If you request that timely within 15 days, you will get an extension of your driving privileges until your administrative hearing can be held, and that is usually done in Lafayette. It’s important to get that piece of paper to an attorney so he can help you apply for your administrative hearing and keep your driving privileges safe.

Once you have the DWI and you have hired an attorney, then he can advise you on what you need to do. He needs to gather all the facts and determine whether or not he can file a motion to suppress the evidence, the DWI test, or any other information the police may have gained from you. They may not have properly advised you of your rights and any statement you may have made can be suppressed also. You need to see an attorney immediately with a DWI. Haik, Minvielle, Grubbs & D’Albor have the experience to get you through this devastating situation.

On average, the DWI costs you about $10,000 if you are found guilty and have to have SR22 insurance if you have to pay an attorney if you have to pay fines and court costs and you will have to have this extra burden of insurance for at least 3 years. You may also have to put it in an intoxilyzer in your vehicle so it will not start unless you blow without alcohol on your breath.

This law also applies to operating a motorboat out on waters in Louisiana. It’s very important, especially in south Louisiana, where everyone fishes or hunts or uses boats, that you are aware of the law and that you have proper representation. See us at Haik, Minvielle, Grubbs & D’Albor, where we have the experience to get you through this ordeal.


One of the questions we are asked most frequently, when it comes to criminal practice, regarding search and seizure of one’s vehicle during a traffic stop, is the question: do I have to consent to a search of my vehicle? The answer is NO. You do not have to consent to a search of your vehicle.

First of all, the police officer has to have probable cause to pull you over. Secondly, he has to demonstrate to the judge, that he has reasonable suspicion that there is criminal activity and that a search is warranted. Should he pull you over and ask for consent to search, you have the right to say “No, please obtain a warrant.” If that occurs, the police officer then has to go to a judge, produce evidence to the judge that he has probable cause, along with reasonable suspicion that there is criminal activity being conducted. Then, seek a search warrant for the vehicle. If he obtains the warrant, then and only then, can the vehicle be searched. You have the right to refuse voluntary consent. Please remember this should you be put in this situation.