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Game Plan

Zi'Yon: Preparing for a game? When we first get there, I like to walk around the field with headphones in, but no music is playing. I'm saying a prayer, the Our Father prayer— I'll say it probably three times, walk around the field three times.

Will: When I get a new case in I always look at the information that's been gathered to date; and then I look to see what else is needed; I work toward gathering that...

Zi'Yon: He don't miss, that's the biggest thing ever, the biggest critic: the eye in the sky don't lie, like they like to say. But I watch film every day. Every day. The small things, you know, about an old lineman, how his knee twitches before he snaps the ball, how his footwork is, his hand placement... so film is probably— I can tell you on every opponent that I'm facing, I could tell you everything about all of them.

Will: ...and then I look at what the other side has done, and we just simply take it one step at a time. Through discovery, through depositions, and then deciding what we're going to do as far as bringing the case to trial.

Zi'Yon: I would say you don't want to go into a game blind. You want to go into the game knowing what you're up against, who you're facing, strengths and weaknesses. That's how a lot of teams, the great teams in college football: that's how the great teams are great. They take the little things on film and critique it. And also they pay attention to the small things you need to know about.

Will: Success on the football field is similar to success in the courtroom. You better be prepared when you step into the arena. You better be ready to do your part as part of the team, in order to ensure the success of the team.