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Local Boys

Trey: The reason why I love HMGD is because they're from New Iberia and that's where I'm from.

Eric: Choosing a local law firm is very important, because we practice here, we live here, we work here...

Will: We know the people here, we've enjoyed a successful reputation as a law firm for over 50 years.

Eric: We understand the system, we understand the judges, we understand the district attorneys office, we understand and know everyone working within the courthouse! And those things matter, I think. We believe they matter, and we think having a home field advantage is very important. It's just like our guys that play football. Having home field advantage is important, and it usually dictates who's going to win the game. Same is true in the practice of law: home field advantage, or hiring the home team, Haik, Minvielle, Grubbs & D'Albor, we believe is important.

Zi'Yon: Partnering with HMGD is probably the biggest aspect of home field advantage. They're caring people, loving from the soul, and you can see that in every one of them.

Will: And at the end of the day, we're going to have to look you in the eye and know that we've done a good job. We're not going to be able to go back to some other town like New Orleans or Baton Rouge or even Lafayette. We're here, and we're here for you.