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Medical liens Collections

med liens medical liens attorney court case

Our law firm not only enforces the Medical liens anytime there is a lawsuit filed for these accidents or liability cases, but we also go to court on your behalf. We file the lien, if we are not successful in a pre-litigation process, we can follow through filing suit and going to court, that’s something that a collection agency simply cannot do. We definitely go to court for our clients on a pretty regular basis. There is always going to be an issue with a settlement in some part of the state that our lawyers have been working on, whether there’s not enough money to pay the medical providers, whether there are issues with Medicare or Medicaid, or whether another lawyer just puts the money in the court’s hands and asks the courts to distribute the funds which is done fairly often. So those issues arise monthly for us.

We Handle the Case from Beginning to End

Not that long ago we had to file suit against a lawyer who decided he doesn’t think he needs to pay, in that case, we file a petition to enforce a lien, a collection agency can’t do that for you. We handle the case from beginning to end. This is important because when we need to deal with attorneys, and insurance adjusters, and even judges, they know that we’re there representing that hospital’s best interests. When an insurance company or attorney or a patient gets a letter or anything in the mail from us, they know that the law stands behind it. I believe that gives us an added emphasis and some added strength, it makes the courts realize that this is a matter they need to take seriously.

We Get You the Max Amount Possible

We’re going to handle your case from day one, and we’re going to handle it to the end if that matter goes to court. You’re not going to have to go and hire a law firm after you’ve already hired a collection agency, and there’s not going to be an increase in price for your recovery. Haik, Minvielle, Grubbs & D’Albor are going to represent you from day one with the agreement that we have with you, and we’re going to follow it through to the end to make sure you get the max amount as possible.