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We Love New Iberia

Eric: I love everything about being part of the Acadiana culture. I'm deeply involved in the community, whether it's high school sports, college sports, community events— those are the things that make this town unique.

Will: The culture of New Iberia, the Teche, Acadiana, is so interwoven with love: love of family, love of God, love of each other, and love of just enjoying life. The joie de vivre, that I don't think exists as well as it does here, anywhere else.

Eric: I feel like we have a really strong community, home team advantage type of setting in Iberia Parish, and within the city of New Iberia. It's not too large, it's not too small; there's a strong history here within the culture, and I enjoy raising my kids within that culture.

Zi'Yon: Family, family functions, the way we celebrate things down here, the way we honor things down here— I feel like keeping the Cajun culture is something we really take pride in.

Trey: I love being a part of New Iberia culture.

Zi'Yon: The culture is food, it comes out in the food.

Eric: My favorite south Louisiana meal? It just depends what mood I'm in! I love a good gumbo.

Will: That's easy! My wife's crawfish etouffee and her potato salad with French bread.

Zi'Yon: I would say it's crawfish etouffee. By far.

Eric: I love fried shrimp, that's my jam. Who doesn't? (laughs)

Zi'Yon: I love New Iberia. I feel like I owe New Iberia the world. They supported me my whole high school career, even when I was at my lowest. I had people who I barely knew reaching out to me, picking me up, so I feel like the support system is the biggest thing in New Iberia. Also how tightknit the city is; it's a culture. A Southern culture that you wouldn't get nowhere else.

Will: You know, I didn't have the pleasure of being "from" New Iberia, because I grew up in Homer, Louisiana. But I got here as fast as I could, and that was 36 years ago, and it is my home. I love New Iberia, I love the people of New Iberia, and I don't wanna be anywhere else.